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HOPE groups

Hope Groups are small groups, which meet in homes, and they are designed to help you take the next step in following Jesus.  During a Hope Group meeting, with 6-12 adults, you will visit with other Christians and be encouraged about your relationship with the Lord.  You will also have the opportunity to worship the Lord through song, and study God’s Word in an environment where you can ask questions and dig deeply into the meaning of the text.  Hope Groups are patterned after Acts 2:42-47.


On Tuesday nights, there is childcare for children 5th grade and below.  On Wednesday nights, Hope Teens meet for 6-12th grade. 

All of our Hope Groups (except 3) begin at 6:00pm, and end at 8:00pm.  Below, you can see the list of our 18 Hope Groups, and what evening they meet.  Click on the button below and get more information so you can get involved.  Take this step in following Jesus today!


Tuesday evening: Brandon and Becky George

Tuesday evening: Drew and Janis Scobee


Tuesday evening: Margo Smith (Single Ladies Only)

Tuesday evening: Hunter Pata (Under 35 years old)

Tuesday evening: Fred and Sharon Sperry

Tuesday evening: Ramzinski and Allen

Tuesday evening: Clint and Sandye Zgarba 

Tuesday evening: Eric and Angela Scott

Wednesday morning: Khryse Reed (Women Only. 9:30am)

Wednesday morning: Anesheia Presley (Women Only. 9:30am)

Wednesday evening: Alex and Pattie Beebe

Wednesday evening: Bobby and Peggy Duvall

Wednesday evening: Jonathan Leftwich (6 wks long. Christian Basics.)

Wednesday evening: Patrick and Patti McLead

Wednesday evening: Ray and Anesheia Presley

Wednesday evening: Mark McCombs (Men only)

Wednesday evening: Mike and Darla Williams

Wednesday evening: Shawn and Stefany Simmons

Thursday evening: Stuart and Lisa Millard (Using The Chosen series)

Friday morning: Barney Reed (Men only. Scripture/Prayer. 7:15am)

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